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Holstein supports European and Japanese pharmaceutical companies in in- and out-licensing of their products and supports its partners in a large variety of questions.

  • Licensing:

Holstein negotiates all kinds of license agreements for its customers in the pharmaceutical field. Over the past decades, Holstein has gained extensive experience in the in-licensing and out-licensing of pharmaceutical products. Together with its customers Holstein has successfully licensed a number of substances (e.g. cyclophosphamide, ifosfamide, mesna, fosfestrol, tramadol, azelastine, acemetacin) which could later be launched on the Japanese market. Holstein's services include negotiating a license, follow-up of licensee activities, monitoring of agreed milestones, communication between licensor and licensee, translating complex documents, or assisting at PMDA consultations. After approval, Holstein supports its customers in substance deliveries and license payments as required.

  • Contract manufacturing:

In order to improve the cost structure of the licensed products, Holstein supports its partners in finding suitable contract manufacturers in Japan.

  • OTC products:

Holstein also sells OTC and "Functional Food" products through various partners in Japan. These include laxatives, supplements and phytopharmaceuticals.

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